Series Parallel pre-populated DIY PCB

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Series Parallel switcher for two effects

Series Parallel is an active summing amp circuit which can help the builder put two circuits in one enclosure and switch them between series and parallel operation.  The PCB is fully populated with resistors, IC's, and most capacitors.  Just add two 100 uF filter caps, a protection diode (1n5818, 1n4001, etc), and a 3pdt solder pin-type footswitch or toggle switch.  Note, input and output jacks should be wired directly to this PCB then sent to each effect, wired as indicated on the back of the board.  Pads are also included for polarity inversion.  This can be done using an SPDT switch or a jumper wire if required.  

Sale is for pre-populated PCB only.  Assembled pedal in the product photos is for reference only.  You must source the remaining components and build the pedal yourself.  No build documentation is provided with this PCB.  Pads for in, out, LED switching, 9v and ground connections are clearly labelled on the PCB.  

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