Socialist Jr. V1.1

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The spiritual successor to the one that started it all, Socialist Jr. does the "Brutalist Jr. thing" but with a number of improvements and additional options built right into the PCB.  If you're planning on building a highly modified Brutalist Jr., the Socialist Jr. will get you there faster.  Here's a quick summary of the changes:

  • Moved I/O pads for easier wiring.
  • 2nd op amp stage converted to non-inverting to improve bias and make it tolerant to a wider range of dual op amps.
  • Gain converted to a dual pot to control two gain stages simultaneously resulting in a much wider range of useable gain settings.  (cleans up better) Values scaled to make this work well with readily available, B100k dual pot.
  • "Response mod" pot built in.
  • "Clipping mod" switch built in.
  • Deeper mid-cut with Loudness fully engaged.
  • Less volume drop when Loudness is set at minimum. (tone-stack bypass)
  • "Mid Shift" switch built in.
  • "Bright Switch" added.  This was not a common mod in the Brutalist Jr. but it's useful for removing sizzle when loudness is fully engaged.

Sale is for PCB only.  You must source the components and build the pedal yourself.  Photo of completed pedal is for reference only.  Enclosure shown in the completed pedal, courtesy of Acid Rain Pedalworks.

Build documents can be found here. Please read before purchasing. 

Socialist Jr. V1.1 Build Guide

Note:  V1.0 and V1.1 are mostly compatible.  The values shown in V1.1 more closely resemble the original Brutalist Jr. circuit.  

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